About Us

The Liberty Network is all about liberty and our unalienable rights, and is designed specifically to allow people to interact and network for personal and business reasons, and membership is always free. In order to accomplish these aims, we have designed the Liberty Network as a social media site with some extra benefits.

We provide all of our members with three distinct newsfeeds. The first is designated for friends and family, and is specifically intended for simple social interaction.

The second is designated as the Free Speech feed, and will be almost completely uncensored; we do, however, reserve the right to label any content we deem inappropriate for general viewing. The content will still be available, but may require the viewer to acknowledge a willingness to see it.

The third newsfeed is intended for actual News Organizations. Any provider of news or journalistic content must first register as a News Producer and show a history of journalistic content posted. Once they have done so they will be able to post their content on the feed, but members will have the ability to block any content provided by specific News Organizations that they find to be unreliable or untrustworthy.

In addition, Liberty Network allows all members to post content of their own, and this content will be displayed on our website with advertising images, banners, or with audio or video ads. Advertisers pay for the right to have these ads displayed, and half of the revenue we earn from any ads displayed on content you own is paid to you, and can be withdrawn at any time through your LDFA account.

Our advertising program is unique. When someone viewing your content notices an ad that catches their attention and clicks on it, they are not taken away from the content. Instead, a message is immediately sent to their Liberty Network Message Inbox reminding them that they were interested in what was displayed. Another message will be sent to the inbox 24 hours later, and the third message 24 hours after that. This gives our advertisers not one, but four chances to convert the viewer into a customer, and is a highly beneficial advertising business method.

Advertisers pay for the right to display their ads on content, and the more popular your content is, the more they will be willing to pay. If you write a regular blog and have a significant number of followers, the simple fact that those ads are displayed to your followers as they read your blog means that you are earning money. The same is true for audio and video content, instructional courses, stories and e-books in our e- library and other content locations on the site. If it is your content, you will receive half of the revenue we are paid for the ads displayed on your content.

We also offer members an affiliate program. If you, as a member, refer another member who becomes a prolific content provider, we will pay you a regular bonus of 10% of the amount they earn from the advertising revenue on their content. This affiliate program goes three levels deep, so that you can receive these bonus commissions from people you refer, as well as from people they refer, and even from people they refer.

In most cases, the money earned from advertising revenue and affiliate programs will be limited to only a little extra money from time to time, but a prolific content provider can earn a substantial amount. For example, since the ads change every 30 to 60 seconds, a viewer of your content will see several different ads. The simple fact that they were displayed is what generates the income for you and for us, so if you have a substantial number of people viewing your content, it is conceivable that you could earn a substantial amount of money.

As a further example, a popular 30 minute video could earn as much as 1 to 5 cents per minute, per viewer. If we take the lowest estimate at one cent per minute, a single viewer will generate $0.30 as revenue to the content provider. If a thousand people watch that video, this will translate into $300 for the content provider.

Now, imagine a blog or article that takes 30 minutes to read. If the author is popular and has a following, advertisers will be willing to pay more. At five cents per minute, a thousand readers could generate as much as $1500 to the author.

Some content providers will be even more popular, and will command even higher prices from advertisers. This means that some very popular content providers could earn a substantial income from our website.

As for the types of content we are looking for, here are some examples.

We are looking for quality video content, including video reviews, video for entertainment only, proprietary TV shows, movies (even low-budget independent movies), music videos and just about any other kind of video you can imagine that doesn’t violate our terms of service. Needless to say, we do not allow any pornographic imagery of any kind, and this includes nudity.

We are looking for bloggers and article writers who have a following and want to earn money from their work. Bloggers can write on any topic and invite their followers to join Liberty Network so that simply reading their content will generate revenue for the author.

We are looking for audio podcasts, music and other forms of audio content. Our audio players will display audio ads, similar to radio commercials, which will generate revenue for the content providers.

If you are able to teach something, whether it be basic academic instruction that homeschooled students might need or special skills like mechanical repair, construction or other skills, or even matters of law and philosophy, we invite you to create a course on the site. These courses will be available free to all members, but the advertising revenue share will go to the course creator.

E-books are popular, and we know that many authors who self publish end up earning little or nothing from their work. Our E-library will allow our members to read books for free, while generating revenue for the authors. In many cases, a popular author can earn more money from this program than from trying to sell the book on Amazon or other e-book websites.

Any member can write a review of a book, article, video or purchased item and post it on the site. These reviews become content that will generate revenue to the author.

When you post something on your personal timeline, an excerpt will appear on the feed you have chosen, whether it be Friends & Family, Free Speech or the actual News Feed. When someone clicks on that excerpt to read the full post, ads will display and you will learn the revenue share. If you have a lot of friends or followers, this could add up to a little extra money to help make ends meet, or even build into a profitable income stream.

Members can also opt to create a store on our site, selling their own goods and services. Payment will come through LDFA and accrue into your account, which you can withdraw at any time. We charge a low 8% commission on all sales through the site, and the rest goes into your account.

We will be adding even more features to the site as we go along, but it is our hope that everyone will find an opportunity to make friends, make money, build up their business and learn things they want to know, all while having a good time at the Liberty Network.